The objective being to create a set of real-world-friendly, easy to use and install collections of services and software. Suggested formats are:

  • Bookmarks for browser plugins and services
  • Archives of software (github? some other repository?)
  • Links to GooglePlay and ITunes (?) downloads

1. Privacy toolkit

1.1 Browser plugins (I’ll get these into a bookmark friendly version…)

2. Anti Surveillance Toolkit

3. Darkweb Toolkit

  • TOR Bundle
  • TOR on Adroid
  • How it works

4. Data Deletion Toolkit

A collection of tools that allow you to remove data easily from on-line platforms, Social Media Platforms, Mobile phones, and other computer devices:


Other Resources:

Data Visualisation

How to see your data footprint and who can also see it…


Easy day-day, no technical practice to avoid and disrupt data harvesting and surveillance:

  1. Travel
  2. Work
  3. Benefits
  4. Voting
  5. Local councils

Other Organisations

Our friends around the world…

Free and secure services:

Free, Independent, non-surveilled (perhaps…) alternatives to mainstream, commercial services:

False Identity

Create a credible new identity on and off-line


Security and best-practice for Android, IOS and other OS’s


Developments in the world of FLOSS, free and secure hardware plus hardware security and anti-surveillance tools:


Spy on the spies:


Offensive technology

  • Network Disruption
  • Camera Disabling technology
  • GSM Spooofing
  • Hacking

December 24, 2013 • 15:28